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Accounting and Financial Services in Dubai

Our team of accountants in Dubai provides personalized accounting services, tailored accordingly to the needs of your company. Our accountants in Dubai can offer you a wide range of high professional services in terms of financial accounting, human resources, and fiscal aspects. Amongst the services we can provide, the most important are: financial accounting, management accounting, tax consultancy, payroll and personal administration. 

Our team of experienced accountants in Dubai offer services related to the recordings of the primary documents of the company, preparation of the journal register, inventory and tax register and the preparation of the annual financial statements; the accountants can also prepare the payment of monthly or quarterly financial obligations. Our accountants in Dubai can also represent the company in the situation of a financial control. 

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Audits in Dubai 

Our Dubai accountants offer you audit services, which can be provided for companies set up in both the free zones established in Dubai, but also for the companies outside the free zones. The accountants will perform an annual audit on the financial statements of the company, by implementing the internal audit procedures; our services cover areas such as: management audit, management plans audit, statutory and stock audit or revenue audit. 

Dubai payroll

Our team of experienced accountants can also offer you payroll services related to the salary processing, employee’s bonuses and incentives or the management of the employee’s travel expenses. 

Company management in Dubai 

In order for a company to succeed in a certain business field, it is necessary to have a management strategy tailored to its needs. Our management specialists in Dubai can provide you with consultancy on management and business development, which will be implemented according to your business plan, in order to gain financial benefits and improve the company’s share on the Dubai market. 

Our team of specialists is very familiar with the business environment in Dubai and also with the legal framework applicable here and they can offer you professional financial advice for your company’s needs. 

 If you are interested in accounting services provided in Dubai, please contact our team of accountants for more information on this topic.  

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