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Accounting and Financial Services in Dubai

With a fast development among the Emirates of UAE, Dubai distinguishes with plenty business ideas and opportunities for investors and entrepreneurs worldwide interested in generating profits on a prosperous and reliable market. In this matter, numerous companies have been registered in the past decade, whether established with foreign capital or by local investors. It is good to know that when opening a firm in Dubai, accounting services must be considered from the beginning. Bookkeeping, payroll management, tax advice or audit procedures are among compulsory accounting services we can provide in a professional manner for your business in Dubai, in compliance with the IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards). Our Dubai accountants have a vast experience in this field and can offer proper services and accurate support in financial and tax matters in your company.

Tax consultancy

The taxation system in Dubai is favorable and a magnet for foreign investors willing to expand their activities in a solid and appreciated business market. The authorities have always put the accent on creating attractive incentives and placing measures that allow foreigners to protect their assets and make even more profits. When establishing a company in Dubai, one can settle the business in the free trade zones where complete foreign ownership is permitted in numerous areas of activities.  Additionally, entrepreneurs from abroad should know that there are no taxes on dividends, royalties, interests and capital gains as sustained by significant double tax treaties in the UAE. There are also exceptions imposed on companies registered in the banking sector, or oil and gas industry, where different fees are imposed. Knowing properly the tax system in Dubai will help future entrepreneurs grow and place other business projects Furthermore, if it is the case, our accounting firm in Dubai can offer tax minimization solutions for firms regardless of the domain in which they are settled. 

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Audits in Dubai 

Just like for any kind of business, audits are important procedures which reveal the financial status of a firm. At our accounting firm in Dubai, you can rely on complete support and assistance offered by our independent and credited auditors who will present the business in a fair and accurate manner regarding the finances. It is good to know that audits in Dubai will focus on the transparency between the stockholders of a company and the managers involved. Please keep in mind that even companies registered in Dubai’s free zones are required to perform audits, including the internal ones which are meant to detect any risk management or weak points.

Dubai payroll

Our team of experienced accountants can also offer you payroll services related to the salary processing, employees' bonuses and incentives or the management of the employees' travel expenses. 

The annual financial report in Dubai

In complete accordance with the provisions and rules mentioned by the IFRS, companies in the UAE must prepare the annual financial statements which represent a fair interpretation of the operations of a company. Information about the payments, profits, the losses, the obligations and the assets of a firm are mentioned and reported in the annual financial statement of each company in an accurate way by auditors in Dubai.

Bookkeeping services in Dubai

The daily transactions of a firm are recorded through bookkeeping, an important procedure which involves any kind of business no matter if it was registered in the UAE with foreign capital or not. Bookkeeping means accurate financial transactions, invoice issuance, effecting payroll which are entirely registered whether with computer applications in large companies or manually in small businesses. We remind that companies in Dubai must consider the services of an accounting firm that can offer not only professional support but also knowledge and assistance in varied departments in a firm.

Company management in Dubai 

In order for a company to succeed in a certain business field, it is necessary to have a management strategy tailored to its needs. Our management specialists in Dubai can provide you with consultancy on management and business development, which will be implemented according to your business plan, in order to gain financial benefits and improve the company’s share on the Dubai market. Our team of specialists is very familiar with the business environment in Dubai and also with the legal framework applicable here and they can offer you professional financial advice.

 If you are interested in accounting services which can be offered for your company in Dubai, please contact our team of accountants in Dubai for more information on this topic.  

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