The Average Salaries in Dubai for Different Fields of Activity

Updated on Tuesday 20th September 2016

The Average Salaries in Dubai for Different Fields of Activity Image
Businesses in the UAE are more than concentrated on developing their operations and preserving their situation and status on the market. Although the regional economy has been stable lately, slightly endorsed by the decreased gas and oil activity, UAE employers are still filling permanent work positions. Companies in Dubai are continuously investing in peoples’ development and training, in order to offer better carrier opportunities. Regarding salaries in Dubai, do consider that proper remuneration packages are important elements for a stable and flourishing growth. As a reminder, all foreign investors who wish to do businesses in Dubai, will need accounting services, therefore, our accountants in Dubai can offer proper guidance and information about payroll services, taxation system or bookkeeping.

Details about the salaries in Dubai

Possible bonuses and employee benefits come with numerous tasks, and for most specialists, salaries are only a part in the great picture. In Dubai, the salary will much depend on the experience, qualifications, employment history, employee nationality, diplomas, skills and many other significant items. The Federal Labour Law in UAE does not offer provisions for minimum wages, and it is good to know that the basic salary will definitely depend on your good negotiation skills.

Lawyers, pilots, accountants or architects are important professions in Dubai, and salaries are ranging from good to excellent. If we are talking about CEOs and managing directors with western training and experience, the incomes are quite attractive, and especially if there is a large company involved. A minimum wage of AED 2,000/month can be encountered in the educational area.

Average salaries in Dubai

From a HR point of view regarding remuneration in Dubai, the bonuses are the most important aspect when people are searching for work in the city. Here are the annual average salaries, bonuses included, for different fields of activities in Dubai:

Civil engineer – AED 95,315
Business development manager – AED 185,430
Marketing manager – AED 196,774
Mechanical engineer – AED 99,419
Operations Manager – AED 214,213

A monthly average salary for a project manager is around AED 25,000 and a director can obtain around AED 60,000. On the other hand, our accounting firms in Dubai can offer assistance and information about the average salaries for every businessman who wishes to open a company in Dubai.

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