What You Need to Know About Bank Credits in Dubai

Updated on Wednesday 27th September 2017

What You Need to Know About Bank Credits in Dubai Image
There are cases where a bank loan is necessary for other types of investments in a company. There are numerous financial institutions in Dubai which can offer customized credits in accordance with the clients’ needs. The taxes in this matter can be overseen by our team of accountants in Dubai who can also perform business consultancy or financial planning on request. Small or big companies in Dubai can rely on our accounting services.

What kind of companies can receive credits in Dubai?

Loans in Dubai can be obtained by firms with establishments in the Emirates. There are numerous businesses with activities in logistics, engineering, healthcare, consultancy, or construction that solicit bank credits for varied necessities or business plans. A positive decision regarding the loan for your company will pretty much depend on the type of business, the availability of the securities and pledges and the possibility of reimbursing the credit. A bank loan comes with varied terms and conditions, including several taxes, therefore, a better understanding in this matter can be obtained from our Dubai accountants. Our team of advisors can also provide you with audits in Dubai, no matter if your company is performing a wide range of activities or not.

Document preparation for credits in Dubai

Any entrepreneur who wants to obtain a loan for his/her company should respect the document requirements that come in this situation. For instance, the following papers and conditions must be taken into consideration:

•    the financial situation of the company for the last two years;
•    details about the company’s profit;
•    a business plan for which the loan is necessary;
•    information about the availability of the securities;
•    parent company’s documents if the loan regards a branch in Dubai.

Keep in mind that each bank has its own rules regarding the loans available for businesses in Dubai, and several other documents might be requested. Furthermore, a financial institution in Dubai can solicit details about the experience of the managers of the companies or business holders, in order to agree whether the credit can be granted or not.

Bank credits in Dubai are necessary for varied reasons a company may have, and a suitable information in this matter can be obtained from our team of accountants in Dubai if you contact us.

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