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Updated on Thursday 09th June 2016

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Accounting and bookkeeping services in Dubai are needed by all companies, be it large or small. Each business needs trustworthy, correct and up-to-date financial data in order to track its performance and make the proper decisions. 

What is bookkeeping?

Bookkeeping is the procedure that involves consistently recording daily transactions and is a major aspect in order to maintain a sturdy business foundation. It functions as a platform for the accounting procedure, being the essential level of it. Bookkeeping is a foundation for accounting, hence if the first is maintained correctly, the second will be flawless and the other way around. 

What does bookkeeping involve?

Bookkeeping services in Dubai include the following tasks:

•    records of the financial transactions of the company;
•    posting debits and credits;
•    issuing invoices;
•    sustaining and balancing subsidiaries, general ledgers and historical accounts;
•    effecting payroll. 

Types of bookkeeping in Dubai

In general, there are two types of bookkeeping services:

1.    the manual bookkeeping - applied for small businesses; it utilizes manual clerking;
2.  the computed bookkeeping - suitable for midsize to large businesses, being more appropriate in a computerized manner in order to avoid any mistakes.

A successful combination between bookkeeping and accounting services in Dubai will lead to the long term financial benefit for your firm in this safe haven. Updated and systematized financial records and accurately balanced finances provided by bookkeeping and accounting are crucial factors for the success of your business endeavors. A lot of business owners select professionals who can take care of these aspects for them, while they focus their efforts and attention on their core business. Investing time and money in your company’s financials will have a major impact on the growth of your business. 

Why hire our accountants in Dubai?

As a business manager or owner of a small or large firm, you are an expert in your line of business, however conducting every aspect of your business is not always probable in today’s hectic economy. And here is where our team of professional bookkeepers in Dubai comes to your help. We use a personalized bookkeeping approach and we employ systems that best fit your firm’s particular needs. 

We offer a wide range of bookkeeping services in Dubai, payroll and tax advices. Whether you represent a large or a small company, when you ask for our assistance, you’ll benefit from expert services delivered at a convenient price. If you wish to find out more about the services we offer, please do not hesitate to contact our accountants in Dubai.


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