Business Consultancy Services in Dubai

Updated on Thursday 15th September 2016

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Foreign investors who want to establish their business presence on the Dubai market are advised to receive the assistance of specialists in the business consultancy services, which can help in improving the financial results of the company in United Arab Emirates. Our audit firm in Dubai can provide businessmen with a wide range of consultancy services in key aspects of the business. 

Accounting services in Dubai 

Any company incorporated in Dubai requires complying with several accounting regulations, which record the financial and commercial activities of the business. Our accountants can provide assistance for bookkeeping activities or assistance for the drafting of the financial statements. The accountants can offer professional assistance for payroll duties or on the management of the receivables and payables incurred by the company. 

Auditing services in Dubai 

Our auditing firm in Dubai can offer professional services for the preparation of the financial documents of the company, by respecting the International Financial Reporting Standards. The auditors can perform internal audits and controlling the accounting policies of the business. 

Financial planning in Dubai 

Financial planning is a procedure which has the purpose of establishing a long term planning which will return solid financial results; our accountants can assist local and foreign investors to create a financial plan that will meet the company’s needs; at the same time, the procedure also takes into account the possible risks to which the business is exposed to and provides solutions in this sense.

Financial restructuring in Dubai 

Although the procedure of financial restructuring may express an unfavorable situation of a business, it can actually have positive results on the company. Our audit firms in Dubai can assist foreign investors to assess the financial situation of the company and choose which aspects can be improved. The auditors can provide solutions to drastic measures and can also offer assistance for the company’s relationship with third parties. 

Tax advice in Dubai 

Our accountants are familiar with the local taxation system and can help businessmen invest in any of the Free Zones of Dubai

If you need further information on the business consultancy services provided in Dubai, please contact our team of accountants in Dubai



March 18, 2016

I am interested in opening a large company in Dubai in the field of automotive; I want to expand my business in the automotive trading as well and I would need some advice in this sense for the accounting operations. Up until this moment, my business had operations only in the country of origin, which is UK. Thank you.

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