Financial Audit Department in Dubai

Updated on Friday 18th November 2016

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Established in 1995, the Financial Audit Department in Dubai (FAD) is the main institution which deals with all the financial operations made by the companies, local or foreign, in the city. The monitoring of operations in Dubai is transparent and offers integrity in dealing and managing the public funds available. If you are interested in audit services for a small or for a large company, our accountants in Dubai can provide you with suitable information and assistance in this matter.

Details about the Financial Audit Department in Dubai

The FAD reports to the Ruler of Dubai and is an independent institution since 2007. The meaning of this important body is to control and to verify the periodical financial audits and to offer potential improvements related to the management of financial operations. In other words, the main objectives are connected to efficiency and correctness for a proper function of all companies in Dubai which pay taxes or other annual fees. The Dubai accountant can offer assistance and guidance if you are interested in the taxation system Dubai or if you need accounting services.

Audits for your company in Dubai

The statutory audits in Dubai are made by independent auditors who need to verify the correctness of the financial operations of a company, or in other words, to analyze the financial documents of an enterprise and see if everything is as mentioned. The final audit respect for the IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards) and needs to be transparent and to detect the problem areas, where improvements or changes can be made.

The Financial Audit Department in Dubai will always operate according to the rules and regulations of the country, in order to make the right calculations and to protect the public funds, therefore, to achieve performance and productivity. The taxation system in Dubai offers stability and business opportunities among many other important advantages, therefore many several overseas investors choose to do business here.

All the necessary information or details related to the payable taxes and to the significant audits for your company can be obtained from our accounting firms in Dubai, so please get in touch with us.


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