How to Become a Financial Auditor in Dubai

Updated on Tuesday 22nd November 2016

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A financial auditor is in charge with the financial and operational audits according to the annual plans of a small or a large company in Dubai. The control of the assets, procedures and business objectives, besides the analysis of the well-organized use of properties, are the main aspects a financial auditor in Dubai deals with. If you are interested in becoming a financial auditor, our accountants in Dubai can provide you with information and guidance in this matter.

Conditions to become a financial auditor in Dubai

I order to become a qualified financial auditor in Dubai you need to have the proper knowledge in this domain and a Bachelor Degree in economics. Besides that, it is necessary to add two years of special qualifications and three more years performing as a financial auditor employee in Dubai. Individuals who wish to become financial auditors are trained to properly understand what a financial analysis is and how to create and a financial report for all types of companies in Dubai. The most important step is to pass the exams which imply questions and topics about the needed techniques related to the management of audits in Dubai

Knowledge about the internal audits in Dubai

Every individual who wants to be certified as an internal auditor in Dubai needs to gain knowledge in different areas like:

•    communication;
•    business processes;
•    risk management;
•    financial management;
•    business environment worldwide;
•    management of a company;
•    leadership.

Besides a proper knowledge about the financial system and economy in Dubai, a future financial auditor needs to practice and make audits for companies in Dubai, under the supervision of a qualified financial auditor. The practice implies the proper analysis of risks and frauds in a firm, and the suitable investigation related to every financial situation of a company.

A good financial auditor in Dubai can make the difference

 The purpose of an audit is to offer competence, complete transparency and to find and implement significant approaches for every company in Dubai. A financial auditor in Dubai needs to offer a fair report related to the financial statements of an enterprise, according to the rules and regulations of the IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards).

Please feel free to contact our auditing firms in Dubai if you want to become a financial auditor in Dubai.


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