Why Do You Need Audit Services in Dubai?

Updated on Tuesday 07th November 2017

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Why Do You Need Audit Services in Dubai? Image
As it is known, for an accurate financial situation in compliance with the authorities' impositions and the applicable laws, a company with an establishment in Dubai must perform periodical audits which are important procedures to consider. An audit in Dubai will reveal and attest the operations in a company, putting the accent on the financial situation. With a wide experience in this matter, our accountants in Dubai can perform audits in Dubai and can explain why such services are necessary for each type of company registered in the UAE.

Brief details about the audit services for your company in Dubai

The statutory audits or the financial statement audits in Dubai are performed by independent and accredited auditors in the Emirates and involve a complete examination of the financial documents of a company registered in the country. Made under the conditions of IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards), audits in Dubai will reveal an accurate situation of the company’s financial status and also if there are any vulnerable areas where certain measures must be implemented.

An audit in Dubai will provide complete transparency in financial matters for both managers and stockholders in the company. Audits in Dubai can be carried out by our Dubai accountants and auditors who consider that each company needs a suitable financial examination. The weak points found in a particular department in a company can be detected in time and solved in a professional manner. 

Credibility for small and new companies in Dubai

As an important business hub and with varied opportunities in most of the industries, Dubai welcomes investors who are at the beginning of the road. Such companies can ask for bank loans in the UAE, especially in the first years of business, and an important requirement in front of financial authorities is the credibility. An external auditor will evaluate such company and will decide whether the business has accurate financial reports or not. This kind of audit will help small companies create a positive reputation and a solid business image when asking for credits.

For a better understanding of how audit services can help your company in Dubai, please feel free to contact our team of accountants in Dubai.


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