Forensic accounting in Dubai

Updated on Saturday 03rd September 2016

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Forensic accounting is a set of techniques which combine the auditing, the accounting and the research services of accountants in order to offer a proper analysis about your company in Dubai. Our accounting firm in Dubai can provide you with suitable information and guidance regarding the internal, the external and the forensic audits for small or large companies in the city.


Details about forensic accounting in Dubai

All forensic accountants in Dubai use important procedures when leading an investigation, and here we mention auditing, accounting and investigation services, in order to deliver proper financial data. It is good to know that our accounting specialists in Dubai are searching beyond details and numbers, and they can offer suitable information and independent views, no matter the type of business you might have in Dubai

The forensic audit in Dubai implies the evaluation and the investigation of an enterprise’s financial info from all kinds of domains. The external audit is prepared by an auditor involved in public system. His professional beliefs will provide reliability to the statement under investigation. The internal audit is presented by an employee who studies the effective evidence to define if the agreed operating techniques have been properly used and monitored. Our accounting consultants in Dubai can offer specialized services and they have suitable experience regarding any fraud or financial investigations. They can also detect the serious issues of your business, in order for you make proper decisions in any disagreement or investigation background.

When to solicit forensic accounting in Dubai

There are specific guidelines and methods to investigate a financial fraud or to evaluate the financial data of a business in Dubai. The Dubai accountants can offer their services in the following situations:

•    money laundering;
•    tax fraud;
•    economic damages estimation;
•    commercial assessments;
•    bankruptcy, reorganization or insolvency.

Take into consideration that fraud effects are quite serious and can change a business' status and reputation. In order to prevent this type of loss, you should solicit the help of our accountants in Dubai, our team being specialized in a wide range of forensic accounting services.

For any other information or details about the forensic accounting you are invited to contact our team of experts in Dubai.