UAE - Austria Double Tax Treaty

Updated on Monday 09th January 2017

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UAE - Austria Double Tax Treaty Image
From the beginning, it is good to know that all the double taxation treaties are made so that UAE has a greater global connection with its economic partners. In order to avoid the double taxation, the UAE signed important agreements with many countries worldwide. Such arrangement was also signed with Austria in 2003 and enforced in 2004. Our accountants in Dubai can offer details and proper information about any kind of double taxation treaty signed by UAE, including the one signed and agreed with Austria.

Information about the UAE – Austria double taxation treaty

The double taxation agreement between UAE and Austria covers the income and the corporate taxes in the UAE and Austria and any other similar taxes stipulated in the convention, for companies and natural persons. The agreement signed between the two states grants the exemptions linked to dividends, royalties or capital benefits which relate to the transactions carried out between the states. The revenues derived from the international traffic with operational airliners or vessels, royalties or administrative services are exempt from double taxation and covered by the UAE - Austria agreement.  

The treaty also refers to permanent establishments as special operating places of UAE or Austrian enterprises in the other country. It is stipulated that any building, office or workplace will be considered permanent establishments if they function in the country for minimum 12 months. As a reminder, you can receive financially and business consulting services for your small or large company in Dubai. Besides that, you can rely on our auditing firms in Dubai and on our important services for your business.

The UAE-Austria double tax treaty and the natural persons

Individuals living and working in the UAE are dealing with the same regime regarding the avoidance of the double taxation. The salaries, the pensions, and any other incomes are not subject to double taxation, due to the UAE – Austria agreement. As a reminder, the foreign citizens who work in the UAE will not pay any taxes for their incomes, but they might be subject to taxation in their home countries for the gained revenues in the UAE.

Please feel free to contact our accounting firms in Dubai for extra information and details about the UAE – Austria double taxation treaty.